Why is it important to avoid sugar in your diet?

Sugar avoidance is a really common topic nowadays and probably there is no adult who hasn’t heard about the harm of this ingredient. However, we still enjoy a piece of cake at least once in a week and it’s really difficult to pass that delicious ice-cream in a supermarket. We find different reasons for enjoying sugar: cookies in the morning are fine due to the fast metabolism or without a dessert one becomes moody.

When people start thinking about diet and exercise, this topic will be one of the first they think about: “How much sugar can I eat in a day”? If you google “sugar allowance in a day” you will get 25 grams as a result according to the American Heart Association. However, if you look at the nutritional information of any chocolate bar you will find approximately 28 grams of sugar in it. You would also need to remember that almost any product would contain some amount of sugar, especially fruits, which are considered healthy food. So how many grams of sugar do we really consume in a day?

When I started my journey to the healthy lifestyle, I used to allow myself something sweet after lunch with a cup of tea or coffee. I was thinking that as I work out hard almost every day that would cause no harm to my diet. I learnt later it’s not true.

Have you ever noticed that after a sweet snack you would want to eat more in a short period of time? That is due to the insulin level jump in the blood. Once we eat something sweet our pancreas starts working hard in order to produce this hormone that would absorb blood sugar. This spike of the insulin in the blood would then cause us to crave more sweets and prevent from eliminating the fat.

That is why it is a common rule in a healthy lifestyle not to start your day with a sweet breakfast as it would cause the blood sugar spikes from the early morning and make us want more sweets during the day (not mentioning it would affect our mood as well).

So what should we do then, should we forget about the sweet taste at all? Definitely no, since that’s a taste of pleasure and every person needs it. I have learnt to find the products that would contain a minimal amount of sugar. They are normally sold in organic or healthy shops. When looking at the ingredients of any product it is important that sugar is mentioned among the last ingredients in the list as the manufacturer normally orders the list starting from the biggest amount of the ingredient used to produce it. At the same time, there should be around 15 grams of sugar tops in the nutritional information. Any product that contains more than 15 grams of sugar should not be considered as a dietary one. Please remember, that any sugar substitutes are in fact not any better than sugar since they contain the glucose which our pancreas needs to work in the same way as sugar.

Many of us start substituting the sweets with the fruits which are great since fruits contain vitamins and other beneficials for our health and body. However, we should remember that the sweetness of the fruits comes from glucose as well and should not exaggerate with them either. There are grapes, pomegranates and bananas among the fruits with the highest sugar counts, so remember those when making your morning smoothie.

Sugar control will not only help you to normalise your diet and mood but will also prevent you from more serious illnesses in the future.

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  • The harmful effects of sugar go way beyond empty calories. Here are the top 9 reasons to avoid sugar.

    1. Added Sugar Supplies a Large Amount of Fructose

    2. Doesn’t Contain Any Vitamins or Minerals (Empty Calories)

    3. Causes Deposition of Fat in the Liver

    4. Harms Your Cholesterol and Triglycerides

    5. Causes Insulin Resistance

    6. Raises Your Risk of Western Diseases

    7. Doesn’t Cause Proper Satiety

    8. Is Addictive

    9. Causes Resistance to a Hormone Called Leptin

    Thanks for your healthy article.

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