3 Simple yoga exercises for stretching and flexibility

It is really important to add stretching to your workout routine. Not only it will improve and lengthen your muscle tissue, but it will also improve the overall performance and decrease the risk of injury. Here are simple but effective yoga asanas that will help you to feel a little bit more elastic and balanced after your workout:

    • Pigeon flow

Start in the “Downward facing dog” pose. Relax the neck and enjoy the stretching. On the exhale bring your right foot forward into the Pigeon pose. Inhale and press your fingertips into the floor, then lift and lengthen the spine. If you like, on your exhale you can fold forward and enjoy the stretch. Inhale, then tuck your toes and press yourself up back into the “Downward facing dog” pose. Repeat the same movement with the left foot.

    • Dynamic warrior

Start with the “Warrior II” pose with the right leg forward. Bend your right arm and put it on the right knee. Bring your straight left arm up and look towards the ceiling. Then bring your left arm on the left leg and your right arm up, look towards the ceiling. Enjoy the stretching. Return back to the Warrior II” pose and repeat the same movement with the left leg forward.

    • Yoga rockstar

Start in plank with your shoulders over your wrists. Exhale and bring your weight on the right hand, roll onto the outer edge of your right foot and bring your left arm straight up towards the ceiling. Keep your hips lifted. Return back to the plank pose and repeat the same movement on the left hand.

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