How to spend Christmas holidays in a healthy way

Christmas holidays are here – that time of the year when you can finally spend the whole day with your family, enjoy lots of food together with some boozy drinks. You’ve been trying to maintain the diet and exercise the whole year, shall you drop it for a couple of weeks to enjoy the holidays at their most? You could but the alcohol and food damage can be quite serious and you might find out that those favourite jeans you could finally fit in, are tight again.

Well, I have some good news as well: moderation is a key to success. We all want to relax at the end of the year and have praise ourselves for being good throughout it 🙂 Here are some tips to come out a winner after holidays and continue your healthy path:

    • Your local gym might be closed during the holidays but keep yourself moderately active

Metabolism is one of the keys to a better shape and the active lifestyle helps to improve it. Even though you can’t use your favourite cardio machine during these days, you can still go out for a 30-minutes walk or do some yoga at home, when no equipment is needed at all.

    • Try avoiding cocktails and enjoy some dry wine instead

The cocktails might look delicious however there is a lot of hidden sugar in each of them, otherwise how come would they be so sweet and tasty? I have already written about the sugar damage so I will just suggest some dry red wine instead for those cosy evenings. Oh, and yes, don’t forget about a glass of water after each glass of wine to avoid a dehydration. Remember about the moderation, as alcohol can cause some serious damage to your liver.

    • Add some healthier recipes for your Christmas dinner

You can add some healthy sides such as roasted sweet fries, roasted veggies, light salad, spinach stewed in coconut milk… It’s totally up to you, there are so many healthy, delicious and easy to make recipes you can choose from. Try it out!

    • Get some good night sleep

Remember, our body and mind needs a good rest to recover properly and start the New Year full of energy. Don’t forget to have a proper 7-9 hours sleep each night.

Merry Christmas xoxo!

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