My name is Valeriya and here’s my short (or not so much) story:

I always used to be a skinny type of person, however, when I started living abroad as a student I stopped controlling what I had on my plate. There was no dramatic change in my body during the first couple of years but when I moved to Ireland I figured out that I had gained 7 kilos. I was feeling extremely uncomfortable in my body even though I was trying to lie to myself that I loved it.

At some point, I started doing a little bit of exercising and cutting myself a lot on a diet. Then I lost 4 kilos, got satisfied with the results and started eating whatever I want again. As a result, I gained my weight back in no time. I was feeling that it was a loop I would never be able to get out of.

In January 2017 I realized it just had to stop and I had to do something serious. I signed up for a 10K run and started preparing for it. That was the first goal that made me start going to the gym and working out on a more or less serious level. Slowly, step by step, I started learning about the nutrition and fitness. I read a lot of literature that helped me to set my own plan.

In total, I lost 9 kilos and now I am back to my comfortable weight but I know that I should never stop because fitness is a lifestyle, not just a temporary workaround. People ask me how I managed to get out of this loop. Well, this was a long path and I will try to describe it in this blog and give some advice to those who need some inspiration at the moment. If I manage to help at least one person, then this job was totally worth it 🙂